About Dynamic Defense Materials

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Marlton, New Jersey, Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC (DDM) is a leading defense manufacturing company, known for manufacturing and supplying its unique patented portable armored wall system, McCurdy's Armor®.

McCurdy's Armor® was designed to save soldiers' lives by replacing the use of sandbag technology for providing protection against small arms, mortars, rockets, artillery, armor-piercing rounds and suicide bombs. The system can be easily assembled by three people in about ten minutes using no hand tools or heavy equipment.

DDM has recently been awarded multiple contracts to supply McCurdy's Armor® to the U.S. Army for use at Entry Control Points in Afghanistan. Currently, the defense manufacturer has supplied hundreds of sets of McCurdy's Armor® that are being used in The United States, Afghanistan, Iraq, Mexico, and other locations around the world.

Our Executive Team

Robert A. Lipinski: President & CEO Robert Lipinski founded DDM in 2004 and is currently playing a hands-on role in the defense manufacturing company's international growth. Mr. Lipinski had previously owned a defense related business that was honored as the fastest growing company in New Jersey. With Lipinski's vision and leadership, DDM is poised for similar growth.

John Yarsinsky: Chief Financial Officer John Yarsinsky began working alongside Robert Lipinski as Chief Financial Officer for Lipinski's various enterprises nearly 20 years ago. He has served as CFO for DDM since the company's inception in 2004.

Joe Dimond:General Manager Joe Dimond joined DDM in June 2007 as the company's Product Specialist/Military Liaison. Having served in the United States Marine Corps for 10 years, Joe saw firsthand the many ways in which McCurdy's Armor® could be used to save the lives of our brave fighting men and women. During his most recent tour of combat duty in Fallujah, Iraq, Joe led over 300 combat missions, many of which were conducting vehicle checkpoints, setting up cordons and responding to IEDs.