McCurdy's Armor

The Story

Presented by Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC in Honor of Fallen Marine LCpl Ryan McCurdy

A Hero Lives On…

On January 5, 2006, Marine LCpl. Ryan S.McCurdy and Cpl. Clifton Trotter were on duty in Fallujah, Iraq when a sniper attacked their position. Cpl. Trotter was shot in the neck and was severely injured. In a heroic move, LCpl. McCurdy left his position attempting to pull Cpl. Trotter to safety. Unfortunately, this left LCpl. McCurdy more vulnerable to the attack and he was mortally wounded from the sniper.

Cpl. Trotter survived and later returned home to become the proud father of a son he named Christian Ryan. "Every day, I remember Ryan saving my life. It was the kind of thing he did without hesitation for a friend," said Cpl. Trotter.

Ryan's mother was presented with the Navy Achievement Medal which Ryan earned for his bravery.

In an effort to better protect the members of our armed forces from sniper, mortar, rocket and small arms fire and to save lives, Dynamic Defense Materials (DDM) has developed a one-of-a-kind, portable armored wall system. DDM General Manager Joe Dimond served with Ryan and Clifton in Fallujah and always looked at this product as something that could have saved Clifton from being shot and ultimately Ryan's life. Originally called "Evaloch", this innovative military barrier system has been officially renamed "McCurdy's Armor®" as a way of memorializing Ryan McCurdy's bravery and sacrifice.

A percentage of all future sales of McCurdy's Armor® will be donated to the Ryan McCurdy Fund, which will help to provide a safe place for children to learn and grow in Ryan's hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. If you are interested in contributing to the Ryan McCurdy Fund, please contact John Yarsinsky.

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