McCurdy's Armor


Overview of McCurdy's Armor®
Watch this field demonstration to see how McCurdy's Armor® provides ballistic protection against small arms and a direct hit from 40mm grenades.
Watch as McCurdy's Armor®, sand filled to 44-in-high with 66 inch total height, holds strong to provide complete ballistic protection against a 3 meter offset from 15kg TNT charge with 3/8 cube mild steel shrapnel. (Equivalent to two 155mm Artillery shells)
Watch how McCurdy's Armor® can be quickly assembled by a team of three or four adults in under 10 minutes.

Watch this slow motion test to see McCurdy's Armor® defeat a rocket propelled grenade (RPG).
Watch as McCurdy's Armor's® steel plate front and back with sand fill successfully stops 4 rounds of 12.7 mm AP M2 at 2600 fps.

Watch as McCurdy's Armor® goes up against an IED made with 1 lb of C4, 15 lbs of TNT, and 10 lbs of mason nails.
Watch McCurdy's Armor Molotov Cocktail Test