Press Release

Joe Dimond
General Manager/Director of Business Development
Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC


Marlton, NJ – July 20, 2011 –CEO Robert A. Lipinski of Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC (DDM) announced today that the company has just been awarded a contract to supply its patent-pending portable armored wall system, McCurdy's Armor, to the United States Army.

The contract is valued in excess of $14,000,000 and is Phase One of a five year plan.

As outlined in the contract, the Army will use McCurdy's Armor as guard posts for entry control points (ECP's) at forward operating bases throughout Afghanistan. The armor will be delivered on pallets as part of an "ECP package" that will consist of various components to protect a greater number of troops working in the mountains and in other rough terrain where delivering heavy equipment presents a challenge.

According to Joe Dimond, a 10-year Marine, combat veteran and Product Specialist at DDM, McCurdy's Armor was developed to provide portable, fast protection against small arms, mortars, rockets, artillery, sniper fire, armor piercing rounds and suicide bombs. The system can be assembled into a full guard post by a three person team in about ten minutes, using no hand tools or heavy equipment.

McCurdy's Armor is breakthrough technology that replaces long outdated sandbag protection that has been used for more than 200 years. This technology provides better protection to our troops while also enabling them to be more efficient, mobile and ready for battle. The mobility of McCurdy's Armor allows our fighting forces to bring the fight to the enemy in hostile environments throughout the world.

"DDM is proud to have been given this opportunity to help protect the soldiers who are at risk while securing our bases abroad," Dimond reports. "The men and women that work these posts put their lives on the line every day, facing constant mortar fire and the ever-present threat of suicide bombers. We are honored that the Army has recognized the tremendous advantages offered by McCurdy's Armor and has decided to incorporate the gear into this program."

An experienced combat veteran, Dimond appreciates the key role that the patent-pending system will play in preserving the safety of American soldiers.

"The name for McCurdy's Armor was inspired by Ryan McCurdy, a Marine who was killed while working an ECP. We are grateful that we can take some of the lessons learned in recent years and apply them to this important mission. I know that Ryan McCurdy would be pleased to know that the Army has decided to use this gear to save American lives," he says.

John Yarsinsky, CFO of DDM, emphasizes that McCurdy's Armor is the product of years of careful research and development.

"After several years of developing our product and making modifications based on feedback from the field, we are confident that McCurdy's Armor is well designed for this critical mission," Yarsinsky says. "Everyone at DDM has worked extremely hard to create, produce and market this life saving gear. This contract award is validation of our employees' unwavering dedication to making a difference."

About Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC (DDM)

DDM is based in Marlton, NJ and manufactures its patented portable armored wall system known as McCurdy's Armor. This system protects against 5.56, 7.62 AP, 0.50 Caliber AP-M2 as well as fragments from mortars, grenades, rockets, suicide bombers, and IED's. Currently, McCurdy's Armor is the primary solution of the US Army for ECP protection in Afghanistan and McCurdy's Armor is in theater around the world. There are kits in the U.S., Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Colombia, Abu Dhabi and other undisclosed locations.