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Joe Dimond
General Manager
Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC

Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC, to Support the Current Inventory of McCurdy's Armor® for U.S. Army & Demonstrate Product at Eurosatory 2012

Marlton, NJ – April 2, 2012 - Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC (DDM), a small business; received a sustainment contract today worth $8.5 million for delivering McCurdy’s Armor® to the U.S. Army to help protect U.S. troops at entry control points in Afghanistan.

McCurdy’s Armor® is a fully fortified portable armored wall system that can be assembled by three individuals in minutes using no hand tools or heavy equipment.  This lightweight, LEGO™ type system is quickly replacing the use of sandbags for providing protection against small arms, mortars, rockets, artillery, and IED’s.

To date, DDM has delivered over 300 McCurdy’s Armor® guard posts to the US Army in Afghanistan through the ECP1 and  ECP3 Programs. This new contract is in place to support the fielded gear and deliver spare parts when gear is damaged in combat.  

According to Joe Dimond, General Manager at DDM, “We are very excited about what we have been able to do here at DDM. We have received great reports from the field and know that our product is saving lives and making a difference.” 

“In saving lives, our product can be damaged, potentially leaving troops exposed to future attacks. Having this direct mechanism to get damaged gear replaced quickly is a very important part of the process and we are happy the Army has decided to put this contract in place,” Dimond reports.  “I was lucky enough to visit Afghanistan last month and see firsthand McCurdy’s Armor® being used in a combat environment. All of the troops who had our gear were impressed with the product and felt safer because of it. It’s extremely satisfying to know that we are making a small difference in the daily lives of those who sacrifice so much for us.”

In conjunction with DDM’s contract announcement, the company is also pleased to announce its participation in the Eurosatory, which will be held at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center in Paris, France - June 11-15, 2012.

Product experts from DDM will be demonstrating the unique capabilities of McCurdy’s Armor® at the Eurosatory Exposition. 

“Eurosatory is one of the largest defense expos in the world and we are honored to be attending,” says Dimond.

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About Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC:

Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC (DDM) is based in Marlton, NJ and manufactures its patented portable armored wall system known as McCurdy’s Armor®.

McCurdy’s Armor® can be assembled by three individuals in minutes using no hand tools or heavy equipment.  This lightweight armored wall system protects against 5.56, 7.62 AP, 0.50 Caliber AP-M2 as well as fragments from mortars, grenades, rockets, and IED's.

Currently, McCurdy’s Armor® is being used in the U.S., Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico, and other undisclosed locations.