Press Release

Joe Dimond
General Manager/Director of Business Development
Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC

Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC is Awarded Contract from the Mexican Federal Police to Supply McCurdy's Armor

Dynamic Defense Materials, developers of the patent-pending portable armored wall system, was awarded over one million dollars to deploy McCurdy's Armor.

Marlton, NJ – March 31, 2010 – Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC (DDM) recently received a contract award in excess of one million dollars to supply its patent pending portable armored wall system—McCurdy's Armor—to the Mexican Federal Police.

The police will use the gear as rapidly deployed guard posts for their missions in the war on drugs that has taken many lives and progressively expanded throughout Mexico in recent years.

These posts are to be delivered in DDM-205 trailers and once fielded can be used for vehicle checkpoints and guard posts. McCurdy's Armor is a fully fortified guard post that can be set up by three individuals using no hand tools or heavy equipment in about ten minutes.

"DDM is very proud to be given this opportunity to help protect those who are in harm's way throughout Mexico. I look forward to spending time with them during our training sessions and understanding the situation better, in order to take down this threat and hopefully help in some small way to allow the Mexican people the opportunity to again live in peace", reports Joe Dimond, DDM's Product Specialist and 10-year Marine vet. "We are glad that we can take some of the lessons learned in recent years about urban operations and apply them to this fierce fight that is going on right across our borders. We know that operations have intensified in recent months, so DDM is putting all of our resources in place to make certain that McCurdy's Armor is delivered well before the scheduled April 30th request date in the hopes of getting the gear in place to ward off these threats."

About Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC (DDM)

DDM is based in Marlton, NJ and manufactures its patented portable armored wall system known as McCurdy's Armor. This system protects against 5.56, 7.62 AP, 0.50 Caliber AP-M2 as well as fragments from mortars, grenades, rockets, suicide bombers, and IED's. Currently, McCurdy's Armor is the primary solution of the US Army for ECP protection in Afghanistan and McCurdy's Armor is in theater around the world. There are kits in the U.S., Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Colombia, Abu Dhabi and other undisclosed locations.