McCurdy's Armor

Product Info

"We've been using sandbags forever; I can't believe it took this long to think of something like this."
-Marine Corps Corporal

General Product Information:

McCurdy's Armor® is an interlocking LEGO™-type system that can be assembled quickly into multiple configurations to provide ballistic and blast protection against small arms, mortars, rockets, artillery, armor-piercing rounds and suicide bombs, while still providing operators with full situational awareness through transparent armor.

Product Features:

Conserves manpower, equipment and construction materials.

  • Can be reused over and over.
  • Can be quickly "de-constructed" so no infrastructure is left behind.
  • Can be assembled in less than 10 minutes (compared to 16 hours for sandbag posts).

Intuitive setup process uses universal components and no tools.

  • Minimal training is required.
  • Every part is a one- or two-man carry and interchangeable with similar parts.

Includes transparent armor gun ports.

  • Gun ports provide full ballistic/blast protection and situational awareness. Quickly open into firing positions.

Stopping Power

McCurdy's Armor® can be assembled into multiple configurations to protect against:

  • 5.56, 7.62 AP, 0.50 Caliber AP-M2.
  • Fragments from mortars, grenades, rockets, suicide bombs, and IED's.

Gun Port

Firing positions built into sandbag structures are nothing more than unprotected holes, making the guards easy targets for snipers.

  • McCurdy's Armor's® gun port provides full ballistic/blast protection and situational awareness until the need to fire arises and the gun port quickly opens into firing position.

Stowage & Transport:

Easily stowed and transported via DDM105 or DDM205 trailer.

Possible Uses:

McCurdy's Armor® can be used anywhere our personnel will be exposed to enemy sniper fire, IDF, small arms, suicide bombers, and grenade attacks. Possible uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Camp Guard Posts
  • Observation Posts
  • VCP/ECP Greeter Stations
  • Sniper Positions
  • Cordon Security
  • Police and Military Recruiting Stations
  • Election Posts

Rapid Deployment for VCP's:

Snap VCP's" disturb the movement of weapons throughout the battlefield and leave coalition forces completely exposed to enemy fire.

  • Using the DDM105 trailer concept, McCurdy's Armor® solves the problem by providing protection in under 10 minutes.

McCurdy's Armor® for Fixed Guard Posts

McCurdy's Armor® solves the problems associated with fixed guard posts, which are in need of constant repair and can leave dangerous openings for enemy snipers or mortars.

McCurdy's Armor® vs. Sandbag Posts & Sand Filled Barriers – Conserving Resources

Sandbag Posts

Building a Sandbag post takes many squad hours to build, leaving soldiers exposed for long periods of time and draining them of their much-needed energy. 

Sand Filled Barriers

Sand Filled barriers require the support of heavy equipment and leave significant damage to infrastructure. They take time to assemble and are not re-deployable.

McCurdy's Armor®

McCurdy's Armor® provides similar or better ballistic and blast protection in a fraction of the time. It takes the effort of as few as two or three people to set up and is re-deployable. It can be removed in minutes and used over and over again. Plus, it leaves no significant infrastructural damage.